The Amazing Race Canada – Audition Tape

We, theMACNABs have always thought we would do very well on The Amazing Race and now that it’s coming to Canada we thought we should try out. We filmed a bunch of random footage trying to showcase all of our skills. We live completely different lives, with Russ living out in the burbs with his 3 kids and Jordan living downtown in a loft. Selling Real Estate anywhere in between is what we do. Russ focuses on houses in Pitt Meadows and Tri-Cities and Jordan loves selling lofts downtown. But we will SELL anywhere. We  love dirtbiking, skiing, working out, watching TV, our blond wives, and our cars (Audi & ’62 VW Bug) We are both very responsible, dynamic, best friends, and would make a hard to beat team for the Amazing Race Canada.

Check out our 3:00 minute brotherly love audition video.

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