MAC-Friday STACT Wine Racks

Our Buddies at STACT are offering up a Black Friday Special for The MACNABS

As much as we love our fair share of Craft Beer, the colder winter months are made for wine. Keeping our wine in a cupboard or on a plain old rack just isn’t our jam though. Thankfully STACT is the bomb and here to save the day. Based right here in Vancouver and close friends of the team, the Stact crew have built up quite the reputation for modern aesthetically pleasing wine storage. They have also been generous enough to give us our own Discount code to pass along to our friends and VIP clients.

A one time Mac-Friday EXTRA 5% OFF their already BLACK Friday prices


The latest colour scheme that the company is working with is Burl & Gold, available in the STACT-C design. This is an eye-popping wall fixture for your home that doesn’t break the bank. Super easy to build and hang, the hardest part if keeping the racks full of wine. haha !!

The L-Type Series 2 is also a huge seller and have been received to 5 star reviews across the board. They are such a unique feature in any home so they make a great conversation starter.


STACT Appearances in Media

We love working and helping our buddies where we can. Check out the old time lapse video we did to help promo STACT almost 4 years ago below. We also profiled them on our site back in February 2013 when their Kickstarter Campaign was rocking. Now they are leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else and building a modular wine rack empire.

Jordan has shot some of his own personal photos for STACT, with the majority of them taken in his Vintage Modern Loft in Mount Pleasant. His renovation project has gone viral, and has appeared in publication such as Vancity Buzz (now DailyHive Vancouver), HouzzFreshome, and Home Adore. For the last 4 years we’ve had Stact racks in our all our homes and it’s out most popular client gifts. Very stoked to say “We knew Stact before they were international superstars”

Here is a couple picks from our own personal spaces featuring STACT

For more STACT photos check out their Instagram page, and be sure to give us and them a shoutout once you use your discount!


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