Double Height Loft For Sale – 272 East 4th

Well it’s been almost 2 years since Katie and I took possession of 272 East 4th, in Mt Pleasant. Renovating a Vancouver Loft has been a dream come true. A lot of creative energy went into pre planning. We spent hours playing with the IKEA app designing the kitchen before we moved in. Then a few demo parties and we starting reconstructing our dream loft. On a limited budget and a 2 to 3 year flip plan, we called in all our family trades for help. We even did some filming and had plans to make a few webisodes but our reno time line was only 1 month. Check out Episode #1 of the MAC&MO Loft/Reno Show. We were able to film a few more time lapses along the way;

Fireplace, Painting with Jude, and Backsplashing are my favs.

Here are the details on 272 East 4th Ave, Vancouver

FOR SALE 272 East 4th – The Mecca from theMACNABs on Vimeo.

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