Brewer’s Row: Craft Beer Craze in Port Moody

Port Moody is known by the slogan “The City of the Arts”. As cooking can be described as an art, beer brewing is now seemingly in the same vein. Murray Street in Port Moody is a major artery through the city that runs parallel to Rocky Point Park. Traditionally the strip of industrial property in the city, the street now has a new tagline: Brewer’s Row. Since July 2014, four craft breweries have opened up all within 400 metres of each other. Due to a winning combination of proximity to Rock Point Park, Port Moody Station, and zoning amendments, Brewer’s Row has made its mark on the Craft Beer Revolution of British Columbia.

The City of Port Moody was one of the first municipalities outside of Vancouver to pass a zoning bylaw to allow microbreweries. It was a perfect storm for the city; manufacturing in the area was on the downturn, while the municipality continued to be one of the fastest growing cities in the country. As populations and densification rose within the city, Port Moody needed a new industry. The area of Brewer’s Row was previously the home to metal fabrication shops, marine mechanics, and other blue-collar industrial operations. Murray Street is the warehouse district of Port Moody, and the four breweries allow this status to be maintained as the zoning parameters for the area remains light-industrial.

The Breweries

  • Twin Sails Beer opened in Fall 2015 by twin brothers, and specializes in easy-drinking, German style beer. Twin Sails has recently won craft beer awards within the city, and has just dropped an awesome line of apparel. Instagram.
  • Yellow Dog Brewing was the first brewery to open in Port Moody to get the ball rolling on Brewer’s Row. Yellow Dog specializes in their IPA and Sours. With a dog theme throughout the entire brewery, this is perfect for any animal lover. Instagram
  • Moody Ales was the second one to open on Brewer’s Row, and creates a wide variety of  easy drinking beer that can be refreshing on any given day. The first brewery in Canada to offer 32oz cans! Check out the Hardy Brown Ale for a smooth darker beer. Instagram
  • Parkside Brewery is the newest of the four breweries, having just opened in June 2015. With the influence of brewers from Granville Island Brewing and Red Truck Beer, Parkside brings the East Van brew-pub atmosphere to Brewer’s Row. Instagram

Brewer’s Row has been an overwhelming success for the City of Port Moody. All of the breweries allow patrons to bring in outside food, and are child friendly. So grab your fish n’ chips from Pajo’s in Rocky Point, and enjoy a summer sunny day on the patio.

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