This waterfront West Vancouver properties is only a cool 25 million dollars. But this Cotton Cove Estate is waterfront with 1.57 acres of coastline. AND only 20 minutes to downtown. This house is old school Luxury Tudor home.  7700 sq ft includes a nanny house, guest house, and 3 car garage. Plus your own PRIVATE beach. The pool is legit over looking the sandy beach and has it’s own outdoor kitchen, washroom, and even laundry machines. One of the most luxurious, private, and stunning waterfront properties in all of Vancouver and British Columbia for that matter. Truly a house straight out of the Rich and Famous. Who do you know that can afford 25 million and wants to move to BC ? Kanye, Ellen, Oprah, maybe Zukerberg ?  This is some serious Real Estate Porno – XXX

V1086997_901_75 real estate porn  luxury

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