Looking for Foreclosures for sale in Burnaby ? Burnaby is one of the hottest locations in Greater Vancouver to be purchasing a home. Foreclosures can be nasty, have missing doors and be appliance-less. There are some really good deals out there but they aren’t as straight forward as a normal house purchase.

If you are considering buying a foreclosure, check out this guide to buying a foreclosure in Canada that we have put together to help you understand the differences versus a “normal” sale. It starts with an offer like normal, but instead of going to the owner, the offer goes to the lawyer or bank representative. Once approved, a court date is assigned and it becomes a “bidding war” in the courthouse. It can be a very exciting but stressful time for some. That is why you need someone experienced in the foreclosure market like us to help you through the process. Contact us for more details on foreclosures and how they work. We have been assisting our clients with purchasing both foreclosures and “regular” homes for many years. Check out the list of foreclosures for sale in Burnaby right now. We are excited to get started working with you! If you don’t see a specific listing or have more questions feel free CONTACT US.

 Below is a list of great deals for sale in Burnaby



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