VERY pleased for my friends M,S,L,E for locking down this Coquitlam beauty. We sold their townhouse in Port Moody a few months ago and ever since then, we’ve been on the hunt. We basically saw every house in Coquitlam and Port Moody that has come on the market. We were all hunting like crazy before they become homeless. I kept saying “stay positive and it’ll all happen when it’s meant to happen”. But MAN !!! It was getting hard to say and enforce that lately. haha !! AND then, this house hit the market and we got excited. It hit the market Tuesday with no pictures so we had to do a drive by and some google research. We liked what we found. So we got in as fast as possible and it did not disappoint. We made an offer but ended up in multiples so we came in hot and won. We had an accepted offer before the weekends open house (which ended up being super busy) and have now officially removed subjects and my clients can finally have a good night sleep tonight and celebrate that it DID all happen for a reason and we scored. CONGRATS GUYS.