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SYNLawn synthetic grass

Synthetic Grass

SYNLawn synthetic grass is the new school artificial if you please. It can be used in a variety of different settings. Backyards, playgrounds, putting greens, rooftop decks, pet areas, area rugs and pretty much anything you can think of. It not only looks like grass but these guys have designed the grass to actually feel like real grass.

SYNLawn synthetic grass has new environmentally friendly technology with their biobased products. BioCel™ technology is the backing System created from soybean plants then they add Celceram™ (a recycled product of coal combustion) for extra strength. It can also reduce your carbon footprint by using less water, no lawnmower emissions, and no need for fertilizers. It’s a smart and economical solution from re-seeding your front yard AGAIN. Imagine, never having to water, fertilize, or even cut your grass again.

It’s kid friendly, allergy friendly, fireproof,  warranted, comes in variety of colours & styles and has unlimited amount of installation options. There are actually 13 different types of grass and there are all super lifelike. Click here to see examples GRASS TYPES

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