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Super Bowl Top 5: Man Caves and House Guests

Unless you are one of the lucky ones to be attending the Super Bowl this year, you’re likely going to be watching the big game at home, at a buddy’s place or at a bar. Well, just to make those at the game jealous, we thought we’d feature the top 5 man caves we’d like to be watching the Super Bowl, along with the top 5 people we’d like to watch it with. Feast your eyes on these man caves!

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#5. If you don’t want to brave the Winter and head out to the bar then bring the bar to you. This man cave is set up to resemble watching the game at your favourite pub, except the drinks are free (not a bad thing!).

House guest: Who wouldn’t want to take in the Super Bowl with Bill Murray? Although the Bears haven’t been to the big game in a while, Chicago’s biggest celebrity sports fan would be happy to jump into any of these man caves.

man caves 1

#4. This NFL-branded man cave would be an excellent place to catch the Super Bowl. Especially since the floor under the chairs rotates, so you don’t have to turn around to catch a glimpse of the second tv. Brilliant!

House Guest: Snoop Dogg is one of the biggest fans of football, and all sports. Known to rock jerseys from every team, we wouldn’t put it past Snoop to have this Redskins man cave. He has even created and funded a youth football league in Southern California. There might be something other than beer flowing in this man cave though.

man caves 2

#3. This man cave makes you feel like you’re right in the action, sitting in the locker room with your buddies. All that’s missing is a bar (we’re hoping it’s directly behind the chairs).

House guest: Rickie Fowler. Although more noted for his College Football fandom of Oklahoma State, Rickie Fowler is just a guy that we want to party with. We’re quite sure that his brand new $14 Million home probably has multiple man caves.

man caves 3

#2. This would be one sweet man cave to watch the Super Bowl. It combines numerous tv’s, a sweet bar, some awesome memorabilia, and the always-necessary cup holders.

House Guest: Peyton Manning. One of the NFL’s indisputable GOATs, the Sheriff is the top of anybody’s list to take in the big game with. Now that he’s out of football with a couple of rings on his fingers, he’d be able to give you some inside knowledge of what it’s like to play in the Super Bowl.

man caves 4

#1. This is our number one pick for obvious reasons. What would be better than watching the Super Bowl in a hot tub? ‘Nuff said.

House Guest: Paul “BizNasty” Bissonnette. Everyone’s favourite Fourth Liner, and now officially a Vancouverite. Although no longer in the NHL but still cashing in pro-hockey pay cheques, this would be Biz’s top choice of our man caves, mainly due to his affinity for hot tubs. Sorry that the Packers aren’t in it this year!

man caves 5


Any of these man caves catch your eye? Shoot use a message and we can help you get hooked up with creating your own.

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