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Living in a small room

Are you feeling the crunch of space in your home and feeling constricted by a small room? Fear not, for these 12 bedroom ideas are ideal for comfort, storage, space, and livability in a small room. What’s lacking in square footage can easily be made up for with trendy design, making your bedroom pop.


This design encapsulates two bunk beds into a wall unit, perfect for tucking the entire structure into the corner of a small room. With an abundance of storage space underneath the bottom bed, and a full sized closet on the side, these bunk beds save you space, and offer plenty of storage. Designed by INT2 Architecturesmallbed8

This a bit of a tricky design, but it does save a lot of space. Turn a living room into a bedroom as this bed descends from the ceiling. Just watch your head! Designed by Yo!smallbed7

This couch is easily turned into a double bunk bed, perfect for a small room in an apartment. The days of the pull-out couch are gone. This fold out bunk bed is the future of space saving furniture. This concept is designed by Cleismallbed6

Who says that a murphy bed needs to take up an entire wall? This combination of shelf, desk, and twin sized bed is perfect for a student out on their own for the first time. This one definitely takes the cake in my books. Also designed by CleiSmallbed5

I’ll be honest when I say that this one is a little out there, but still saves a lot of space in a small room. This is a minimalistic couch which has a cushion that also doubles as a sleeping bag. Do you feel like camping every night in your living room? More information from Stephanie Hornig. smallbed4

Another great modern murphy bed, and available close to home at the University of British Columbia. These beds are located in the microsuites which bring small living to student housing. A large desk during the day time, and folds out into a comfortable bed if you choose to forgo the all-nighter. smallbed2

Another bed with plenty of storage space built into the wall unit. This structure is almost a small room in itself. Will large pull out drawers, cupboards, and closest, you’ll have a hard time filling all of this storage space. SmallBed1

Another murphy bed edition to the list, and in a similar vein to the the other ones posted. A big plus on this one is that when it is in the bed layout, there is additional storage below. I wish this bed came with the views out of that window though. Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 1.49.46 PM

Sleeping on the dinner table? Maybe you’ve only done that after a hard night of partying, but BLESS is here to revolutionize your living room with this dining room table that doubles as a bed. Just flip it right over, and voila! This sure will make midnight snacks easier.

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This bed requires some additional construction, but is perfect for a small room. Starting with some basic cabinets from IKEA and a little bit of framing, this designs offers an abundance of storage space, perfect for books and toys in a child’s room. A how to video can be found here.

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What would a Macnabs post be without mention of a loft? If your ceiling is high enough, a great way to save space is by constructing a simple loft area for a bed. Bonus points if you add some additional shelving to the bottom for some extra space. Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 1.46.15 PM

Closing out with a design that is a little out there, but saves space in a small room nonetheless. A closest is hidden underneath the mattress. Not only is this perfect for storage, but will also make a wicked hide and seek spot for kids.


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