Super happy for my buyers Danny & Steph on locking down this super funky renovated house in Maple Ridge. They’ve been eying this house since it first came on the market back in July. It had an accepted offer right away but a couple deals fell apart and it came back on the market just as we sold their townhouse. They were excited only to find out it had another offer but that was subject to sale. We got our ducks in a row really quickly and submitted a backup offer. Came down to the wire and we got the call that the first buyers couldn’t remove subjects in time and that we bumped them! More and more houses are getting offer with subject to sales so if you can sell your place first and go in with a strong offer there is always a chance that you can bump someone. Big things happening for these guys and I couldn’t be happier for them! Also want to give a big shout out to the selling Realtors, Lee Bryant and Pete Shpak for helping us lock it down!

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