Pitt Meadows
Super pumped for our clients who were able to bump an offer and get the house that they wanted! A new listing hot the market in Pitt Meadows and our clients took a look during an open house. They loved it and decided to write an offer, only to find out the sellers already had an accepted offer in place with a subject to sale clause. How does someone score a place that has an accept offer with subject to sale clause on it and what does that really mean?  It means that the sellers have accepted an offer and have agreed upon all terms however, the buyer still needs to sell their home first.  So the contract inplace allows them time to do just that but there is a clause in there that says should the sellers receive another offer, those buyers have 48 hours to remove that last subject and create a firm deal.  This ensures that the seller is able to still sell their home and is not “stuck” waiting for that first buyer to sell their home.

We love the location of this Pitt Meadows home and it has everything one could ask for!  Fully renovated from top to bottom and close to the heart of Pitt Meadows but also tucked away in a great subdivision.  Huge congrats to our buyers who can now call Pitt Meadows their home!

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