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Pharrell’s 10,000 square foot Penthouse Could Now Be Yours

Have you ever had the urge to live in a celebrities home? Well here is your chance. Pharrell Williams, famous for his work as a producer, rapper, and singer, is selling his Miami penthouse for a cool $10.9 million. This is the penthouse unit of the Bristol Tower building overlooking the ocean in Miami. Checking in at 10,000 square feet on the interior, there is also an absurb 5,000 square feet of outdoor terrace space. Perfect for throwing a party with all of your famous friends. With Italian hardwood floors, an indoor swimming pool, 30 feet ceilings, 5 bedrooms, and 7 bathrooms, this penthouse is definitely an eye-catcher. From the large open living space, a spiral staircase takes your up to the second floor loft and bedroom areas. Another intriguing aspect of the penthouse is the “reverse fishbowl” windows. These one way windows can be looked out of from the inside, but reflective on the outside. Check out some more pictures of this awesome penthouse.

As you can see, this unit is a downright beauty. Believe it or not, there are some penthouses like this that are available in Vancouver. Be sure to check out our loft page, luxury house pages, and some real estate XXX for everything available around our parts.

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