What would you do if you won the Lotto Max? We feel this is a conversation topic that everyone at some point has discussed, deep down hoping that one day you get to put that big plan into action. Well, just in case your lucky numbers come up soon, we’ve found you THAT dream home – The Palm Island Residence

It could be argued ultra-high-end homes, like some of the ones we see here in Vancouver, are marmite homes. You either love ’em or hate ’em. But this property is different. It’s simply spectacular, in every sense.

The Palm Island Residence

Designed by Cheoff Levy Fischman Architecture + Design this custom residence located on Palm Island in Miami Beach, Florida not only expertly showcases the very best of modern design, but it absolutely nails the aim of blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor, by welcoming nature inside.

(Fun Fact: Palm Island was once home to Al Capone – he moved there after it reminded him of the sunny Italian coast)

Built with natural stone, glass, wood, and a wealth of water features, this home would be as much at home here in BC, as it is in Florida. Just swap the palm trees and the blue seas for Douglas firs and mountains.

The Palm Island Residence

The below photos showcase this dream home better than words ever could, but here are some of our favorite features.

In one of the many living rooms, stands a bronze fireplace stretching the height of two-floors, but sitting opposite is what really impresses. Separate the kitchen and living area sits 13 vertical panels made from texturized European smoked Oak. The use of strong lines as seen this room is something we can’t get enough of.

The Palm Island Residence

On the other side of the bronze fireplace is the lounge and bar area. Here we see the one of the strongest examples of bringing the outside, inside. As much as we’d love to see this home here in Vancouver (and to live in it) we’re not sure just how much use the sliding doors would get!

The Palm Island Residence

Also on the main floor, through more sliding glass doors we are offered a sneak preview of one of the most impressive pools we’ve seen – more on that later. Once again, check out those lines!


The Palm Island Residence

We often see the master suite neglected in contemporary homes like this. Yes, they are often impressive but compared to the rest of the home they can feel like an afterthought. But not in this home. This master suite is a retreat in its own right. Just check out that private living room and balcony!

The Palm Island Residence

Designed around a giant Banyan tree, the grounds of this home are as impressive as the interior, but it is that over-sized infinity-edge pool that really raises the bar.

The Palm Island Residence

You’ve probably seen the term ‘Entertainer’s dream’ thrown around a lot in real estate, especially here in Vancouver, but after seeing the Palm Island Residence, the epitome of entertainer’s dream, we’re going to have to think about retiring the phrase.

A covered outdoor lounge, kitchen and cabana with rooftop access, a large grassy area, more than 100 feet of dock space, and multiple pools reflecting the strong roof lines, this home just gets better.

And last but definitely not least, is the approach to the home.


The Palm Island Residence

The South American Ipe wood used on the exterior of the house gives it a luxury yacht deck feel, while the granite driveway separated with grass reflects the strong lines of the home.

A resounding favorite feature of ours, especially Jord who has been busy this summer creating the similar style on his own driveway.

We can imagine you’d spend a lot of time just sat in your car on the driveway – almost like when your favorite song comes on the radio just as you arrive home.

So, there it is, the Palm Island Residence, one of our favorite homes we’ve featured.

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(Photographs: Choeff Levy Fischman)

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