Would you be down to move to Mars ? If I had tons of cash, I think I just might. But only if they promised to have wifi, because I would want to instagram the shit out of that trip. haha !!

The man behind the invention of PAYPAL and TESLA motors has been brewing up his next crazy multimillion or billion dollar idea. A giant pressurized bubble on the Red Planet for people to stay, live and I’m guessing party like a Martian. For only $50K per person you can join Elon Musk and his SpaceX team to Mars.

10 lucky nerds would be sent up to start investigating the possibilities of The bubble city and to see if life on Mars is actually possible. They estimate it would cost over 30 bil before anyone even left earth. Talk about thinking BIG.

Can you imagine the kind of ideas theMACNABs would come up with if we had billions of dollars to play with ?

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