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Press here to get Fusion on your iPad

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 Get MLXchange on iPad for free with No monthly cost like all the rest.

Being a tech guru I get asked all the time how to get MLXchange on iPad for free . The short answer is it’s pretty simple. I have been using my iPad for real estate since the iPad came out. I use it mostly to sign contracts, do research and occasionally get access to MLXchange. Being a mac person for a longtime I was really disappointed that MLXchange didn’t work on my mac, iPhone or iPad. I’ve done lots of research to try and figure out the best way to get it to work.

After 4 years of messing around I have some great news for Apple lovers out there. MLXchange is coming to the Mac!!! This time it’s not called MLXchange, they have called it Fusion MLS. It is a totally different layout but uses all the same info as MLXchange. You won’t need to do anything. Just sign in and all your contacts and info is already there.

Fusion works on all browsers including Safari, Firefox, Chrome and who really cares but it also works on Internet Explorer.

I’m lucky enough to be one of the Realtors in Vancouver testing Fusion MLS before the full launch later this year. I have to say it works way better then the current MLXchange. The only problem that I find with Fusion is that it’s flash based. Which means you can’t go the website on your iPhone or iPad directly. There is a way around this because there is a Fusion App that gives you access to everything on your iPhone or iPad!!! After years of complaining things are actually happening. Just be patient and know it’s coming soon for everyone!

If you don’t have Fusion yet there are a few ways to get MLXchange on iPad for free . Below I have compelled a list of different ways.

1. Parallels

If you have a mac and feel the pain of not being able to get MLXchange on your computer then you are in luck! Parallels allows you to run Windows on your mac. From there you can open internet explorer and get access to MLXchange.

The best part of all of this is you can download the Parallels App and get access to MLXchange on iPad for free !

2. LogMeIn

LogMeIn allows you to do the same thing as Parallels but all you need is a PC to log on to. Download the LogMeIn App and hook it up to a PC and you are good to go.

3. OnLive Desktop

OnLive Desktop is like Parallels and LogMeIn but you don’t need a computer to hook it up to. It logs onto OnLive’s server and access’s their system to get onto MLXchange but the only downer is it cost $5 a month to have access.

Hope this post helps you get MLXchange on iPad for free

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