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Top Tips to Maximize Your Small Space

If you are strapped for space in your home, you know better than anyone that organization is key. Finding a place for all your belongings may be a major stress in your life, but we are here to help you maximize your small space and make the most of it. Here are some tips that should come in handy (especially if you’re on a budget)!


Looking around your home, chances are you have some unused wall space where you could add some shelves. Shelves can be a huge help, especially when you have limited counter and cabinet space. Plus, they work well in every area of the home including the kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom.

Extra tip: you can increase your shelf space by hanging hooks underneath the shelves. Be sure to look for shelves that accommodate heavy weight loads if you are wanting to hang anything large or heavy such as glasses, pots, etc.

Small Furniture

That enormous sectional you’ve had your eye on may not be the best option for your small space. Large furniture adds bulk and could make your space more cluttered. Opt for smaller furniture pieces and space-efficient options such as bar stools around a kitchen island, or slimmed down ‘apartment’ sofas.

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Utensil Rack

A utensil rack (also called a pot rail) can be a major space saver in a kitchen. Not only can the rack be useful for hanging pots, but it is extremely versatile and can accommodate almost anything you need space to store in a kitchen, including cutting boards, cooking utensil and measuring cups.

Magnetic Knife Strip

When your counter space is limited, knife blocks aren’t always an option. If your space is lacking counter and cupboard space, try hanging a magnetic knife strip to save space and have somewhere to store your knives (not to mention it looks cool). This will surely free up your counter space for food prep and small appliances.

Think Vertical

Don’t forget about the space between the tops of furniture and the ceiling. This could be prime space for storage. Take bookcases and cupboards all the way up to the ceiling – this will also draw the eye upward, making the area seem larger.

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Hooks are an ideal solution for creating space around your kitchen, bathroom and hallway. There are several uses around your small space for hooks, including hanging utensils and mugs in the kitchen, towels in the bathrooms, and coats in the hallway.

Keep it Simple

Most importantly, when trying to maximize the use of your small space, keep it simple. Overloading your home with over-sized furniture and complex themes will not help your situation, but only make it more stressful.

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