Tonights lotto 6/49 is Canada’s largest jackpot EVER, estimated at $55 million. We always recommend to our big rollers to invest in real estate when contemplating what to do when you have over 50 mil in the bank.

These are our top 5 suggestions for Lotto 6/49 style houses if you happen to win.

#1 at a cool $11,980,000 is 1875 Drummond Dr, in Vancouver’s prestigious Westside. Point Grey to be specific. 6831 sf floor area including a 1200 sq/ft art studio. 4 bedrooms, waterfall, swimming pool, whirl pool & green house. Spacious family room, wine cellar, and exercise room. Cedar, teak and glass features. Pretty slick and stylish  More Details

lotto 6/49 style houses   lotto 6/49 style houses

#2 – 1393 Port Mellon Hy  on the Sunshine Coast in Gibsons is only $10,180,000. A steal for a country Manor. 53 Acres designed by Stuart Howard was built to match an 18th Century castle. The exterior is granite and the roof is slate. The floors are marble and the  entrance has twin curved staircases. Killer views and the perfect place to throw your own playboy party. “If you buy it we will come” More details 

Lotto 6/49 style house  lotto 6/49 style houses

#3 in the list is 5425 Stonebridge in Whistler. This place is straight up Cray !!! Pretty much has it all including, guest house, tennis courts, putting green, big ass pool, theatre room, billiards room, and enough wood accents to make me wet my pants. This could easily be on an episode of Cribs. Only $12.9 mil. Phisshh!! Chump change.

Whistler Mansion lotto 6/49Whistler mansion

#4 – 4608 Marine Drive is another Point Grey stunner. They call it an architectural masterpiece with unobstructed views of the North Shore and Downtown. Located on Locarno beach this $13,898,000 million dollar mansion speaks for itself. MORE DETAILS

6/49  lotto

Number 5 is my personal favourite. 5340 Seaside Place is located in the pimp suburb of Caulfeild, West Vancouver. Been called the Most outstanding waterfront estate ever to hit the market. This 4 bed, 4.5 bath, 6400 sq ft, gated ocean front complex, is another one of Russell Hollingsworth’s masterpieces. Checkout the concrete work around the natural rock and you’ll understand why it took them 6 years to build. I love the lines, the white mixed with concrete and wood accents. MORE DETAILS 

caulfeild 6/49  6/49 style

If this has you all excited and drooling on your keyboard, scope out our million dollar plus page, which is updated daily.

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