Things haven’t changed, Kitchens are still the #1 selling feature in homes. Kick-Ass kitchens are were you make or break it. Since our last reno, (MACnMO show) I’ve been obsessed with kitchen reno’s, photos, and blogs. How can I make our next kitchen better then our last ? Pinterest has obviously had me drooling but it’s been a great way to keep all those pictures organized to inspire our future kitchen.

I’m a sucker for clean, modern and white. But…… I LOVE the combination of grey, white, and wood. Check out these beauties. *caution* May need a drool cover for your keyboard

1. The Mahogany features mixed with bricks and white walls. Love the big ass light fixtures.

kick-ass kitchens

2. Raw Concrete mixed with Black and white. Intregrated Fridge is a must for our next Kitchen.


3. Working with old structures gives your kitchen a comfy unique feel. Love painted old bricks, blue glass tiles and marble countertops are actually growing on me.


4. Big chunky Silestone countertops are slick. Funky slanted sink, industrial lights and even corrugated metal features. Lovin it


5. White on White on White. Intregrated Fridge. Simple, clean and kick-ass


6. Another angle on the concrete, white and chunky wooden bar. It’s the convertible roof that opens up over the kitchen. So awesome

kick ass

7. Bricks, beams, big ass window, and tons of wood. I love the integrated chopping block and wood veneered back of the island


8. Interesting use of bricks, concrete, stainless, dark wood and dark grey countertops with matching back splash. Hmmm?


9. Wood painted bricks, white cabs, mixed with light wood. I’m not a big fan of light wood such as pine. But this works for me for some reason. I love the solid grey dividing wall.


10. Chunky island, big ass lights, wood accents, intergrated fridge, and gloss white.

NICE !!!


11. A lofty kitchen is heard to find. Arched ceilings are unbelievable. Concrete countertops, counter floors, black accents. Still not a fan of the cabinet colour or the see thru upper cabinets. I don’t think you should EVER have see thru cabinet doors unless it’s show casing Booze.

kick ass kitchens

12. The finish on the cabinets is an Apple Lovers dream. The same finish as all Apple products, is matt brushes aluminum. Pretty slick. I know my wife’s first question would be “how do you keep all the finger prints off?” But DAM, that looks slick. Matte aluminium, white, glass, light oak floors.


13. I love the contrasting kitchens nowadays. Black cabs, chunky white island, with dark wood junk drawers. Check out the flush mounted hood vent ? Sexy. Not sure about those light fixtures though.


Let us know if you have any questions regarding your next kitchen reno. Our construction hook-up is always DMC Construction. No job is too small or too complicated.


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