Is a bathroom remodel or shower upgrade in your future? You NEED to know about Infinity Drain’s two new drain systems that can take your space to the next level!

Infinity TileDrain

A traditional center floor drain which incorporates your shower tile or solid surface flooring into the drain for a seamless, invisible look.

  • Lifts out for easy cleaning
  • Allows your tile to be installed within the grate for camouflage
  • 3 sizes: 5″ square, 8″ square, 3×20″ rectangle

Infinity Drain

Infinity Linear Drain

Perfect for open showers and showers without thresholds, this drain can be placed at the entrance, against a wall, or even hidden under a bench to catch water runoff.

  • 2 different looks, 2 different finishes
  • 4 different lengths: 23, 26, 48, 60 inches (width is 3 inches)
  • Hide your drain against a wall or under a shower door.

Infinity Drain

The kits come with everything you need to make your bathroom sexy, whether you’re inĀ  it or not!

If you bathroom is already shiny and new, a drain can be placed around pools, patios, balconies, and driveways to get rid of that nasty Vancouver rain.

There are 5 Infinity Drain dealers in BC. Go check them out!

Infinity Drain

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