Quickly build your own industrial clothing rack made from plumbing parts! The frame leans against the wall and is easy to move around, if you aren’t into commitment.

Perfect for the guy who needs more closet space, the girl who’s clothes are wearable art, or, hey, maybe you just like building things!

DIY: Industrial Clothing Rack

Industrial Clothing Rack

What you’ll need:
2 x 2 meters in length piping
2 x 1 meter in length piping
4 x 3-way tee joints
a roll of tape
a hanger or five

Step 1:
Rest the 2m pipes up against a wall.
75cm or 30” away is good, but feel free to play with it.
The further away from the way, the sturdier the industrial clothing rack will be.

Step 2:
Hold a hanger at a height where it will not be touching the wall.
Mark this spot on both pipes. Measure if you feel like it.

Step 3:
Put some tape around the spots you marked to make the tube thicker there.
Slide the hardware down the tube and on top of the tape.

Step 4:
After all four joints have been placed, assemble the rack by connecting the 1m horizontal pipes into the 3-way tee joints.

Step 5 (optional):
If you are feeling confident, put 2 screws in the floor for the tubes to go on top of, in order to prevent movement.

Industrial Clothing Rack

Congratulations, handyman! You’ve just made your very own industrial clothing rack, but feel free to use it for towels, blankets, belts, or anything else you’ve got lying around.

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