Slide Loft 1

Forget stairs, this loft connects floors with a slide

At least that is what the owners of this loft in the Ukraine decided to do. This spacious, modern loft style apartment brings the best memories from recess into adulthood by constructing a a slide to connect the two floors.

Slide Loft 2

Alright, so there are stillĀ some stairs in the loft leading up from the front door to the top of the slide. The top of the stairs/slide entry area offer a bird’s eye view of the kitchen and dining room. The light colours of the walls and counters easily compliment the wood finished cupboards, stairs, and trim.

Slide Loft 3

The slide curves down from the upper level and into the living room, also accented by wood, and also a white brick wall. Having a slide in the house will sure speed up the morning routine, and will give you a little shot of adrenaline in lieu of your morning cup of coffee.

Slide Loft 4

With the modern/industrial architectural design, the slide fits seamlessly into this loft. The slide is even a little reminiscent of an air duct, and blends well with the lighting fixtures and exposed brick.

Slide Loft 6

The modern design of the loft continues throughout the unit, as the owners wanted a design that they would not get bored of. Of course, it won’t be an easy task to be bored when you have a slide connecting your two floors. Some people strive to have an elevator in their house, but slides are more simple, and more fun.


A slide in a loft. Just watch out for road rash, that can be literally scaring. The only way that this could be better is turning this into a waterslide in the summer, and charging admission.


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