Flavelle Oceanfront Could Add Upwards Of 7,000 People and 1,000 Jobs to Port Moody

With ongoing consultation, the cedar mill in Port Moody is set to become the mix-used Flavelle Oceanfront Development.

Flavelle Oceanfront 1

Port Moody is ready to make the leap to trade in log-booms for apartment towers with the proposed Flavelle Oceanfront Development. This may be the swan song for the logging industry in Port Moody, as the Flavelle Cedar Mill has been in operation on City of Port Moody land since 1906. However, as the logging economy of British Columbia went through ups and downs and eventually floundered, the Flavelle site changed hands multiple times. Now owned by the Mill & Timber company, the future of the mill has been in discussion since the updated Port Moody Official Community Plan was published in 2014.

The Official Community Plan has sought to bring site redevelopment and revitalization to the waterfront neighbourhoods of Port Moody. In an ideal scenario, there will be a walkable seawall around the shores of Burrard Inlet reminiscent of the Vancouver Seawall. The Flavelle Oceanfront Development would be one of the keystone projects of this vision. Although it would mean ceasing operations of the cedar mill, the Mill & Timber company would still be in possession of the land through their Real Estate Asset Division in association with the Aspen Planers Group. 

Flavelle Oceanfront Overhead

Influences for Flavelle Oceanfront

The area of the proposed Flavelle Oceanfront Development is outlined in the image above. The following are influences and rationale for the project, as listed by Flavelle:

  • Low employment efficiency (only 101 people are employed)
  • Poor industrial logistics
    • No rail spurs
    • Logs moved by barge take 6 hours to reach the Second Narrows Bridge
    • Finished product is moved by truck
    • All transportation results in high greenhouse gas emissions
  • Port Moody has the highest industrial tax rates in the Lower Mainland
  • Walkable to Moody Centre Station
  • Increased mixed-used development within the city as per the OCP

Although there is the unfortunate fact that 101 employees of the mill would lose their jobs, there is the potential for over 1,000 jobs to be created with the new development.

Flavelle Oceanfront Walkable Zones

Transit Oriented Development and Sustainability

Flavelle Oceanfront will be one of the key results of Transit Oriented Development within Port Moody and the Tri-Cities. Notable examples of this already seen in the Metro Region are MetroTown, Brentwood Town Centre/SOLO District, and the Oakridge Mall redevelopment in South Vancouver. The goals of TOD is to create dense development around transit centres, rather than sprawling suburbs. Additionally, Transit Oriented Development also encourages people to utilize the public transportation system and not have a need for a car. The Evergreen Line has already reached an average of 30,000 riders per day, and within the next five years that number is expected to grow to 70,000.

With an oceanfront boardwalk and seawall built along the shores of Burrard Inlet as well as easy access to Moody Centre Station, Flavelle Oceanfront will be Port Moody’s shining walkable community. Retail, food service, and commercial space will all be a part of the new neighbourhood making it very easy for residents to not have to worry about owning a car.

Flavelle Oceanfront Landuse

What Flavelle Oceanfront Will Add to Port Moody

Cities undoubtably change over the course of time, and Port Moody has been in an era of transition ever since the Heritage Mountain Development. Although some may not be happy about the changes happening in the city, Flavelle Oceanfront will bring in a wealth of housing stock, including affordable rentals. The mix-used development will add:

  • Low rise residential condos and townhouses
  • Residential Towers
  • Rental housing
  • Commercial Property
  • Light industrial land along Murray Street (a new brewery perhaps?)
  • Amenity grounds for residents and visitors
  • Parks and green space
  • Institutional zoning (education, healthcare, etc.)
  • Hotel

Also in the official proposal from Mill and Timber is the construction of a new overpass from Clarke Street to take pressure off of the already congested Moody Street overpass. Although there will be potentially 7,000 new residents in the City, the new overpass combined with the Evergreen Line will help alleviate the rush-hour bottlenecks that form.

Flavelle Oceanfront Rendering

The End Result

All in all this proposed project will be extremely beneficial to Port Moody. Between 2006 and 2011 Port Moody was among the fastest growing cities in Canada, with a population increase of almost 20%. Also being named one of the most livable cities in the world, the demand is high to move into the seaside municipality. The addition of a potential hotel will open the doors for more tourism into the area, while an increase in housing stock will help alleviate the rising cost of living.


For more information on the project you can visit the official website, and sign up for their mailing list. We will try and keep you as up to date as possible, so keep an eye on our News section for the latest info.