One of my obsessions lately is roof lines. Why on earth do people go crazy with all these peaks and valleys and complicated roof lines ? I love simple. I love dreamy roof lines. One single easy sloping roof line is where it’s at. Not only does it look awesome but its way easy and cheaper to build. You can easily have a rain water collection systems at the low end and use it for a grey water system. Simple and environmentally friendly. Plus, did I mention, CHEAPER. I think attics are a waste of space and an old school way of building. Our hopeĀ is to keep our loft dreams alive in our next reno and build a lofty living house. With a single sloping roof line like the house below. Talk about Real Estate Porn – Real Estate XXX

Designed by Balance Architects and built in Washington

dreamy roof lines NahahumCanyon_02 NahahumCanyon_03 NahahumCanyon_04

NahahumCanyon_07 NahahumCanyon_06 NahahumCanyon_05 NahahumCanyon_08 NahahumCanyon_10 dream homes

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