As the weather gets brighter, we think its fun to bring color and life back into your home. Flowers work, but only for a couple of days. A painted door? Well, that’s a pretty permanent mood lifter! We’ve been seeing it more and more nowadays and people aren’t as shy as they once were. Homeowners seem to be getting younger or riskier. Our mom always had a different coloured painted door growing up so it’s totally normal for us. Our last house, we called the Clubhouse, had a wicked red door that stood right out like a sore thumb. Everyone knew the clubhouse by its red door and golden 3D numbers.

Here are our favourite versatile colours around the house for;






red door      cool shit


yellow      door


 And for the adventurous folk…


      painted door

All you need is a can of paint to transform your whole space. Here’s how you can pull of a painted door DIY.

So, what do you think? To paint or not to paint?

We think a feature wall or painted door would really stand out in this Main Street loft.

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