A Pub crawl style tour of Vancouver Real Estate

crib crawl

Crib Crawl /krib-Krôl/

Noun: The act of moving from one house to another via a sweet stretched out limo bus.

It was a very successful night on on the town with the Briefed.ca guys and the Macnab Brother’s, Russ and Jordan.  The very first Crib Crawl was located in Vancouver with Apartments and Lofts listing in between $600-$700K range. We all met at the PINT pub to meet the group, sign waivers, and enjoy our first free beer sponsered by Molson. We hit up 5 listings/cribs that were currently active on the market. Our idea was to spread it out so our crawlers had a chance to see different areas of the city and get an idea of where they want to live. We whisked people around in a 30 person limo bus and had each listing agent host a high end open house with drinks and appetizers. Once we had a chance to grab some food and a drink, the listing Realtor did a quick presentation on their property explaining the features, the benefits, and why theirs was the best. Everyone had an amazing time and we are now taking suggestions on where the next Crib Crawl should be.

Looking for a Crib Crawl in Burnaby? Coquitlam? Maybe a Crib Crawl of foreclosures around Vancouver? Let us know what you want and we will make it happen.

Check out the video from the very first Crib Crawl

Thanks to Jan Shuster and Mile End Media for shooting and edited.

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