Coquitlam Luxury Home of the Week – 1536 Parkway Boulevard ($4,299,000)

This week’s Coquitlam Luxury Home of the week is a brand new Westwood Plateau Stunner. Built just this year (2016), this is a true palace checking in at 7,500 square feet. This Coquitlam luxury home is composed of twenty four (!!!) rooms including 6 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, and 2 full kitchens spread out over three levels. The dark hardwood floors combined with the white fixtures and walls are a perfect contrast. Additionally, although the house is very spacious, the amount of natural light shining in through large windows shines against the white walls. Also, the in ceiling lights are a great touch to perk up the entire house, and are accented by hanging chandeliers.

This Coquitlam Luxury home has lots of space to wind down, and relax. With a full eating area on the kitchen island, a kitchen table for morning coffee, and a full dining room, this is THE place to throw a classy dinner party. Sabre open a bottle of champagne and toast to new friends! The stainless steel appliances in the kitchen are brand new with the house, and give it the modern excellence touch.

The theme of hardwood and white walls continues to the upstairs level where the bedrooms are located, although all of the bedrooms are carpeted to keep your feet warm on those chilly mountain mornings. Each of the bedrooms and bathrooms are extremely spacious, just make sure they don’t get too messy.

The highlight of this Coquitlam Luxury Home might actually be the patios. The top level balcony looks Souths, and offers breathtaking views of the Fraser Valley, Vancouver Island, and the United States. Get your cameras out for some spectacular sunrises with Mount Baker dominating the horizon. With an abundance of outdoor space, this perfect for family time on the patio, or a backyard party.

Around Parkway Boulevard

The best thing about this Coquitlam Luxury Home’s location is that it isn’t all the way at the summit of Westwood Plateau. Only 3.5 kilometres from Coquitlam Centre, but with enough elevation to give you those views. Just up the road from this home is the Westwood Plateau Executive 12 Hole Course, complete with a the driving range. Go a little further around the horn to Plateau Boulevard to get to the full 18-hole course, one of the top mountain courses in Canada. Also in the area is a MarketPlace IGA, Shopper’s Drug Mart, Starbucks, and other shops and stores to ensure that all the necessities are within a close distance. Close to Panorama Elementary School, Summit Middle School, and Pinetree Secondary, this Coquitlam Luxury Home is also very family friendly.


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