Concrete Flooring Experts

The concrete flooring Experts in Vancouver.

You cannot beat a smooth polished concrete floor. And I’m not just saying that because we live in a loft but think about getting the boys from Fab-U-Floors in to give you a quote  before you cover up that concrete with cheap laminate. Trust me. It’s the cool thing to do.

Fab-u-Floors was established in 2005 as a unique company; capable of refinishing any natural surface. Exclusively utilizing Werkmaster equipment and technology allows them to deliver superior results with zero airborne dust, which is very important for our residential and retail/commercial customers.

Do you have ton of questions ? Check out their very educational F.A.Q page

What are the benefits of Polished Concrete

  • Save $$
  • Extended life cycle
  • Low maintenance
  • Resistance to high traffic
  • Resistance to moisture issues
  • Great light reflection
  • Eco Friendly
  • Sensitive to Allergy
  • More Benefits

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