The Clock Tower penthouse in Brooklyn New York is un freaking believable. It was on the market last year for $25 mil and is NOW only $19 Mil. Ya, only 19 mil. haha !! But I think you’ll agree it’s totally worth the money.

The Clock Tower building was originally designed and built for Robert Gair. The inventor of corrugated cardboard back in the 1800’s. The clock tower was simply just that, until someone with crazy money pimped it out into a 7000 sq/ft penthouse. The 4 clocks are 15 ft in diameter and are bang on with the correct time.

1 Main Street has been Brooklyn’s most expensive Penthouse EVER. The likes of Jay-Z, Ralph Lauren and Jim Carrey have been said to be interested in the property.  Man, I would love to go to that house warming party.

Everything has obviously been renovated to the max. Including a glass elevator, a shower with a view of the Statue of Liberty, roof top deck, and finishes that are perfectly matched for a place I would consider a masterpiece. To top it off there is views of 3 New York bridges include; The Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, and Willamsburg Bridge.

Check it you 

Clock Tower

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