Burke Mountain: Coquitlam’s newest hilltop homes

Coquitlam’s newest neighbourhood is here, and it couldn’t be in a more beautiful part of the city. Burke Mountain – referred to as “Northeast Coquitlam” in the city’s Official Community Plan – is rapidly growing, and welcoming all buyers. This mountainside community is still in the preliminary stages of building, but is well on its way and is move in ready today. Currently there are 4 styles of housing that are being built in the area: large estate style residences, single family detached homes, rowhouses, and traditional condos/townhouses. This is a large variety of housing types that are all being built in one neighbourhood making it perfect for anyone looking to buy. The estate homes are perfect for luxury living in Coquitlam, the detached homes are perfect for raising a family, and the condos are essential for the first time buyers. All these homes are just over 5 minutes away from Coquitlam Centre, and the Evergreen Line.


Burke Mountain Map

South to North the boundary is from Victoria drive all the way past the Gun range. East to West is Coast to Cedar.


Once the Burke Mountain development reaches completion, there will be 2 elementary schools, and one high school all within walking distance. Additionally there is an existing fire station, a small commercial centre at David and Coast Meridian, and a future neighbourhood centre off of Victoria Drive. Perhaps the best feature of Burke Mountain is the proximity to parks and nature. Northeast Coquitlam is saddled between Pinecone-Burke Provincial Park, and Minnekhada Regional Park. Both offer scenic views, walking trails, and some more challenging hikes. Nowhere else in Metro Vancouver can one live so close to a provincial park, but also 5 minutes from a regional centre.


Future Growth

The City of Coquitlam envisions Burke Mountain to grow by close to 40,000 people in the next 20 years. By 2030 it is expected that 25% of people that move to Coquitlam will be buying in Burke Mountain. Since the developments are still in the very early stages, don’t miss out the the opportunity to buy now. Family oriented, close to transit, very close to parks, and sweet views. What more could you ask for?


To see ALL actives listings currently in Burke Mountain Click ——-> HERE 

For more information on Burke Mountain homes contact info@themacnabs.com, or come stop by our office located in the Burke Mountain commercial centre for a tour around the neighbourhood.