Vancouver Foreclosure’s for sale right now!


Foreclosures aren’t for everybody! Most of the time they need some love, someone to clean them up and care for them. Are you the type of person that is handy and can see past the mess? Maybe you are the perfect person to buy a Vancouver foreclosure. You might also be looking for a rental property and a foreclosure can be a great opportunity to get a great deal. Contact us to find out more about what it takes to buy a Vancouver foreclosure. There are some extra steps you need to take compared to purchasing a home listed by the owners. theMACNABs can help answer those burning questions.



To learn more about the foreclosure process click – HOW TO BUY A FORECLOSURE

Here’s a list of every foreclosure for sale in the lower mainland right now.

Contact us for more info on these sweet deals. If you are heading in the direction of getting foreclosed on then you might want to take a look at some frequently asked question about foreclosures in Canada


How to buy a foreclosure ??

How to buy a foreclosure