Top 5 Tuesday: Tallest Buildings in Vancouver

Take in the view from the Tallest Buildings in Vancouver

Although a city known more for its mountains than skyscrapers, Vancouver still has an abundance of high rises. Up until the late 2000s, no tower in the downtown peninsula was to exceed 35 storeys to maintain the view corridor of the North Shore Mountains. Times have changed, and the skyline of the city is evolving. With that, here are the top 5 tallest buildings in Vancouver.

#5 – Shaw Tower – 1067 W. Cordova

Tallest Buildings in Vancouver 5

The fifth tallest building in Vancouver is the Shaw Tower located at 1067 W. Cordova Street. Opened in 2004, the tower checks in at 41 storeys. It is a mixed-used Vancouver speciality, with Shaw Communications occupying eleven full floors, with apartment suites and badass penthouses above.

#4 – One Wall Centre – 1088 Burrard Street

Tallest Buildings in Vancouver 4

One Wall Centre, better known as the Sheraton Wall Centre, is located at 1088 Burrard Street. This is a 48 storey tower split between the Sheraton Hotel, and private residences. Its rounded features and glass exterior reflects the skyline of the rest of the city.

#3 – Private Residences at Hotel Georgia – 801 W. Georgia Street

Tallest Buildings in Vancouver 3

An interesting mix of the old and new takes the third spot of the tallest buildings in Vancouver. The eighty year old Hotel Georgia building remains as one of the many bright spots of historical Vancouver buildings, although the property has beed added onto with the Private Residences tower. This tower now stands 48 storeys tall. With the razor blade edges it is one of the landmarks on the Vancouver skyline.

#2 – Trump International Hotel and Tower – 1139 W. Georgia Street

Tallest Buildings in Vancouver 2

Okay, bear with us here. Vancouver’s Trump Tower┬áis the second tallest building in the city. Checking in at 63 storeys, this is Vancouver’s newest skyscraper. All words about its namesake aside, this is an incredible piece of architecture, and the last piece of work designed by world renowned architect Arthur Erickson.

#1 – Living Shangri-La Vancouver – 1128 W. Georgia Street

Tallest Buildings in Vancouver 1

Although one storey fewer than the Trump Tower, the Living Shangri-La is the undisputed tallest building in Vancouver at 201 metres. Also the 28th tallest building in Canada, the tower is party 5 star hotel, part private residence. Now who wants to split the $20 Million penthouse with me?


All of these buildings would offer some STUNNING downtown living. Hit us up if you’re interested in living in one of the tallest buildings in Vancouver.