Can Certain Scents Help Sell Your House? 


Can Certain Scents Help Sell Your House?

The answer is yes, if you follow these guidelines on which scents to use and which scents to avoid when listing your house for sale. If you’re like so many other homeowners at this time who are in the process of preparing their house to hit the market, you’ve most likely made a list of a hundred items around the house to clean, fix, remove or change.  Between decluttering rooms, adding fresh coats of paint to walls and fixing major and minor items, you most likely have a lot to do to increase the visual appeal of your home. But have you ever thought of adding scents that will please the majority of potential buyers coming through your home during open houses?

So what scent appeals to absolutely everyone? None, to be honest, since scents are quite subjective, but there are guidelines to follow that will no doubt create a pleasant home scent. So which scents help sell your house? Read on to find out!


Fresh & Simple

Time to ditch the potpourri. Mixing too many scents is not appealing to most people, and can be distracting to some. Instead of buyers imagining their furniture in your living area, they’re busy trying to identify that scent. Best to stick with one simple scent, such as orange, vanilla, lemon, pine or cinnamon.

The Less, the Better

Now, just because the scent of orange for example, is recommended, that doesn’t mean you have to overdue it and drive people away by overwhelming them with too much orange. Less is definitely more when it comes to adding scents. If you are using a diffuser, just use one reed rather than multiple. Or, if you are going with a candle to spice up your space, light it before the open house, and blow it out before people show up.


Get Rid of Food & Pet Odours

We get it, we love our pets too. But just because you may be used to the scent of your cat’s litter box that hasn’t been changed in a couple of days, potential buyers may not be able to get used to it, in fact that may be all they focus on when they view your home.

That goes for food odours, too. For foods with strong, pungent aromas, it usually takes a couple of days for the scent to disappear. Try not to cook anything too heavily scented for roughly four days before your open house to be sure the scent does not linger.  If you cannot live without certain heavily scented foods, you can always hire a professional cleaner to do a deep clean on all carpets, upholsteries, etc. to try to remove the scent prior to showing your home. Another trick is to simmer coffee beans in a pot on the stove to rid various aromas. And remember, always keep spices in sealed containers.

In both cases, it’s best to have a third party, say a family member or good friend that won’t hide the truth, tell you if your home has any over-powering or offensive scents before putting it on the market.


Deep Clean

Last but not least, a solid deep clean is never a bad thing. Every homeowner who is preparing their house for sale should give their house a thorough cleaning. This includes not only the main items such as carpets, flooring, bathrooms, bedrooms, each room etc. but also cleaning bedding, drapes, and scrubbing all surfaces until they shine. It goes a long way. Unscented or subtly scented cleaning products are best and try to avoid perfumed rug shampoos since their scent can linger.

Hopefully these guidelines will help you decide which scents to go with when selling your home. Just keep it simple, keep it clean, and don’t overwhelm anyone with overpowering aromas. We’re here to help if you have questions about buying or selling – give us a shout!

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