12191 Dunbar Street

Well, it’s been a crazy roller coaster for my clients. Selling their sweet condo in Newport was so much fun. Having a bunch of offers, the winner was subject free and way over asking. My sellers were pumped. We then switched into buying mode and had 4 month to find something. The market just kept getting hotter as we looked in Poco and Pomo. We missed out a several houses that sold too quick and then lost a couple in multiples where we were subject free and $60K-$70K over list price. My guys were pretty deflated and we finally had to switch focus on Pitt and Ridge. But then we found this little gem on 210th and went for it guns a blazing. Again subject free was no big deal for my guys. And we went all in at just over $70K over list price. In Maple Ridge. Ya, Ridge. But damn, it was great finally make that call to tell them they had finally won and they will be in their new home with plenty of time to nest before there baby arrives. Ahhh I love my job !!

Maple Ridge House SOLD

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March 4, 2016