Preparing Your Home for the Holidays

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Preparing Your Home for the Holidays

Christmas time can be stressful enough with shopping and hosting guests, let alone the overwhelming task of preparing your home for the Holidays. Don’t let it be! There are tons of tips and tricks on efficient and easy ways to help you enjoy the Holiday season, with your home looking great at the same time.

Keep Your Tree Looking Fresh

Christmas trees are a decor staple when preparing your home for the Holidays. If you go for a real tree, be sure to take care of it and follow these tips to ensure it looks its best:

  • Put your tree in water as soon as you get home
  • Use the right stand. A tree stand should provide one quart of water per inch of stem diameter, and make sure the stand has a large water reservoir. A tree can take up to one gallon of water in its first few hours in the stand
  • Site your tree’s location carefully. Allow sufficient space for the tree’s branches to relax and open, while not getting in the way of foot traffic
  • Keep the tree cool; do not place it near heat sources or in direct sunlight

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Add a Seasonal Scent

Candles will do the trick, but don’t feel you have to resort to them this season when preparing your home for the Holidays. Go for cinnamon sticks instead, tucking them into garland and arrangements, which will add both texture and fragrance.

Style the Bar Cart

Bar carts can easily be decorated with greenery, candles, lights and glassware. Keeping in mind, it still has to be functional, so be careful not to overdo it.

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You’re Safe With the Traditional Elements

Candy canes, poinsettias and cinnamon will never go out of style at Christmas! If modern decor is more your style, try mixing in these traditional elements with your modern touches.

Don’t Forget the Banister

Your decorations do not have to stop at the main floor. Decorated banisters are a great way to add more dimension and cheer to your home. Weave twinkling lights throughout the garland on your banister to brighten up your staircase. Or, for a decor twist, try resting garland on the top of the steps instead of on the banister.

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Go for the Gold

A hint (or a lot) of gold makes your home glisten and can be a solid accent when preparing your home for the Holidays. Think wreaths, candles, garland, table settings and arrangements when adding gold to your seasonal decor.

Don’t Overdo it

The Holidays can be a great time to de-clutter your home, and in saying that, try to keep your seasonal decor looking clean and chic, not cluttered and unorganized. Stick with a colour scheme or theme to bring out the best in your home and remember, you don’t have to spend a fortune to make your home look fabulous this Christmas.

Whether you have questions on preparing your home for the Holidays or preparing your home to sell, give us a shout!



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