Make the Most of Your Mudroom

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Make the Most of Your Mudroom

If you ask any homeowner and especially any parent with a busy household, they will likely say the number one room in their house they wish was more organized is their mudroom. It is one of the easiest spots in the house to become disorganized and chaotic, but it doesn’t have to be that way! ¬†The mudroom is actually a space we spend a lot of time in, so why not make it feel like part of the home? Check out our tips below on how to make the most of your mudroom.

Think About the Flow

Mudrooms are usually the transition between the inside and outside of the house. When thinking about how to make the most of your mudroom, keep this in mind while trying to incorporate both the interior design of the home and the exterior landscape and vibe – think stone or brick flooring.

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Choose Cabinets

One can never have enough storage, especially in a mudroom. Opt for as many cabinets that will work in your space to organize shoes, hats, cleaning supplies etc. Mudrooms are typically small in square footage; floor to ceiling locker style cabinetry can be a great way to keep belongings stored away and your mudroom clutter-free all year long.

Bring on the Bench 

If space permits, think about adding a bench. Benches not only serve as a seat when putting your boots on or an area to rest your bags, but can be useful as extra storage underneath as well.

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Hang Hooks

Hooks, shelves and racks help keep bags, jackets, purses, scarves, hats and more off the floor. Most hooks are very cost efficient and don’t take up much space. When designing your mudroom with kids in mind, be sure to hang hooks low enough so they can reach, meaning they will be much more likely to hang up their coats and hats!

Find the Right Flooring

Choose a flooring that’s durable and easy to clean. Go with eye-catching tiles or patterns to bring life to your mudroom or choose wood to warm up the space.

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Don’t Forget About Fido

If you’re sharing your space with your pet, the mudroom can be the perfect place in the house to feed them and store their belongings. Be sure to think about flooring if you are planning on feeding your pet in the mudroom, and choose a material that is durable and easy to clean, such as vinyl or ceramic tile. A large sink can be a huge help and great addition to your mudroom, especially for cleaning your pet’s paws after a rainy walk.

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