Cool Sh*t

Vintage Modern Loft in Vancouver

theMACNABS have recently come together with all their handy friends & family to create what they are calling a true “Vintage Modern” double height loft in Vancouver’s industrial loft land. The Mecca loft building is located in Mt Pleasant’s... read more

Outdoor showers of your dreams

The sexiest 11 Outdoor showers, I can promise you that. A scary nightmare for some but for others like me, a standing soak in nature sounds like the perfect start or end to any day in paradise. Whether it is nestled next to a gorgeous modern home, hidden right off of... read more

blown glass lights – MOULDs

I came across these super interesting and raw hanging light fixtures made of Czech crystal. These hand blown glass moulds are a creation from Jan Plechac & Henry Wielgus for manufacturer Lasvit. They found a warehouse full of these old wooden moulds and came up... read more

Concrete Lights

Check out these concrete light fixtures made by Karman and designed by Matteo Ugolini. I love building with wood but I love designing forms for concrete. I’ve done a bunch of countertops, a few sinks, bowls, and candle holders. But I never thought of doing... read more

The V8 Hotel in Germany

Hey all you motor heads out there !!! This should get your oil boiling.  The V8 hotel in Germany is built at the old airfield right next to the MOTORWORLD Stuttgart. It contains 34 pretty sweet 4 star rooms. The entire hotel is decorated with everything and anything... read more

Thing Charger

This is definitely one of those “WHY didn’t I think of that moments.” The Thing Charger is a pretty sweet and simple new charging device that just plugs right into your existing plug. It comes with multiple adapters for any iPhone, or android, or... read more

50 things you didn’t know Siri could do

There are plenty of things that your iPhone can do for you but there is also a shit ton of stuff you probably didn’t know Siri could do for you. Apple has recently updated Siri with a bunch of new features. My personal favourite thing to ask Siri is….Who... read more

iDoorCam – Door bell of the future

Too lazy to see who just rang your doorbell ? Forget about it. Now there is the iDoorCam. The Door bell of the future. It hooks up to your homes wifi network, has a built in day/night webcam, speaker, microphone, and of course a button. The actual door bell. Pretty... read more

Hoodie pillow

I‘ve always wanted to wear one of those travel pillow but never wanted to look like a total tool. NOW there is The Travel Hoodie Pillow. I would rock one of these on the bus, in the air, or while waiting in line at the passport office. I wouldn’t care,... read more

Floaters !!

With all this amazingly hot weather we’ve been having, all I can thinking about is our up coming family reunion and floating down the river in our floaties aka FLOATERS. I was searching the world wide web for ideas and came up with this pretty solid list. I... read more
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